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Getting your mortgage application started has never
been easier.  Simply fill out some basic information
and then follow the instructions below.  The whole
process here takes less than 10 minutes and then
you'll be well on your way to the closing table!
Step One - Submit Application
Step Two - Pay for Credit Report
Once we've received your completed application and the payment for
your credit report, we'll review your application and contact you no
later than the following day.  In our phone conversation we'll discuss
your financing needs as well as any questions/concerns you may
have. We'll also go into more detail on your loan application and
discuss specific lender requirements.

Upon conclusion of our initial phone conversation we'll be able to have
a good idea whether or not financing is possible and if it is, what steps
need to be taken going forward.
Setting up your mortgage financing is quick, confidential and has never
been easier.  Don't hesitate another moment.., contact us today!
Click on this link to open our interactive fillable loan application
securely on your desktop.  As completely as possible,
fill in sections
3, 4, 5 and 8
and then email the application to us at We will email you as a
confirmation that your application has been received.
Included in the confirmation email we'll send you, we'll also include a
link for you to pay for your tri-merge credit report.  We accept credit
cards securely online using PayPal.
Step Three - Phone Call
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